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Your go-to salon! I've been going to this salon for over 20 years. Since then I've moved and gone to different places and tried new styles, but I've consistently come back for the service, quality and even on one occasion, to correct what a different salon did to my hair! I continue to have wonderful experiences, and results, at Salon on the Creek!


Salon on the Creek Building




Originally Headwinds, this locally established, privately owned salon has buzzed with stylist for over 25 years. Becoming sole owner in 1998, Lyne Norris wanted to have a beautiful, free standing salon that gave stylists a venue to create and clients a warm and inviting place to be transformed and pampered.


Established in 2003, Salon on the Creek has been a focal point for many stylist and clients in the heart of Coppell.  Lyne's hard work and dedication has kept the Salon operating for over 15 years as a full service salon featuring a variety of hair services and spa treatments, including nail services and massage.

2018 was the start of a new season for the Salon as the winds of change are blowing. 


With a new owner, Salon on the Creek will have a new look but with the same passion to give our clients a full service salon experience. How are the winds of change blowing on you...?

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